Online Services

You can find out about the GP online services from this page. Click on links below to get started.


The NHS App is a new way for patients to connect to the surgery and other NHS services. For example, you can:

  • A-Z symptom checker
  • Find out what to do when you need help urgently
  • Book and manage appointments at your GP surgery
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Manage your pharmacy nomination
  • Securely view your GP medical record
  • Review your organ donor decision
  • Choose how the NHS uses your data

Download it FREE from the Apple Store (Apple device) or the Google Play Store (Android device)

When you register in the app, there will be a series of checks to confirm your identity. You WILL NOT have to go into your surgery to register if you have a passport or photo card driving licence.

You can choose to log in using fingerprint recognition, facial recognition or username and password of your choice.

You can now also access NHS App services from the web browser on your desktop or laptop computer.

If you want to get access to part of your medical record online, please download the NHS app and self-register.

How to register for the NHS App

There is more information about the NHS App available from NHS App help and support - NHS (

There are online tutorials which show you what it is like to install and register for the NHS App. These can be found her:

How to register with the NHS app - YouTube

A Beginners' Guide to downloading the NHS App on your iPhone - YouTube

For a step by step guide - Requesting repeat prescriptions - NHS Digital

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SystmOnline Access

SystmOnline Login ( service is open 24/7 and can be accessed from your home PC, Tablet or Mobile phone. If you wish to, you can use SystmOnline to:

  • Order repeat prescriptions;
  • Book and cancel Appointments;
  • Access your health record;


You will need a unique ID and password to create an account. Please download the application form for access to online services here: Online Access Form

Alternatively, you can pick up a form next time you visit the surgery.

You will be asked for proof of identity, i.e. a passport, driving licence or proof of address. We are able to check your identity over the phone.

Please complete and return the form with a copy of your ID to the practice.

Once we have received your form, we will review your record and the GP will authorise access. If we need to, we may contact your to verify your identity. This is part of security measures to keep your records safe. If you are already set up with the NHS App or Patient Access, you won't need to do anything else.

If you are not set up with SystmOnline or the NHS App, then please register to use these services. We can email the linkage key and codes to you. Alternatively, you can register for the NHS App with your photo ID at home.

Advantages of being able to view parts of your medical record online:

  • You can securely view your test results without needing to call your GP practice
  • You can follow test results over time to see any trends or patterns
  • View your immunisation history - may be required for some job applications or to check the dates for flu or covid vaccinations
  • See medication you are on

Proxy Access or Linked Profiles

You can now request to act as a proxy for children, relatives and dependents that you care for who are patients at Parkside Medical Centre using SystmOnline or the NHS App. This could be a family member, like an elderly parent or young child, who cannot order their medications themselves. You can easily switch between linked profiles on the NHS App if you have proxy access for someone.

Proxy access enables a parent, family member or Carer to act on behalf of the patients with their access tailored accordingly. The proxy feature includes appointment booking, repeat medication requests and, where applicable, access to medical records.

For children under 11, parents or authorised carers should complete a proxy access form. 

Age maturity is part of the proxy functionality, meaning a proxy account will be restricted (access to book one appointment only) when the patient reaches the age of 11.

This is so a Clinician can assess whether or not the patient is competent to manage their own account. The proxy user will be notified of this by email 3 months prior to the patient's birthday.

A proxy account will be revoked when the patient reaches the age of 16. The proxy user will still be on the system, but no longer linked to the patient. Patients over 16 are deemed competent to manage their own account. The proxy user will be notified of this by email 3 months prior to the patient's birthday.

You will then have to reapply for proxy access.

To request proxy access, please complete the below form and return to us with ID for both the patient and the person requesting proxy access.

Online Access Form